Happy New Year!
5:08 AM | Author: matgeo
Nampaknye malam ni tahun baru, and seperti biasa setiap orang usually akan ada azam baru. For me, it matter less which new year you preferred, as long as long as you celebrate it with new goals, dreams or even hope.
Historically, 1434 tahun yg lalu prophet muhammad berpindah dari makkah ke madinah. Something to relate with, in few weeks time i will move from Gombak to Sg. Besi; a place that i hope will mark a new beginning.
For me, two important things that shape your character-especially bagi aku yg in mid 20's and still searching the 'path of life'; your home and your work.  Just imagine in 5 days of weekdays, half spent at office, and other half at home. So, very crucial to make sure you are living in the right place and doing the right thing.
I love to talk about dreams or plan. because it guide us in our life-which decision to make and which path to take. Sometimes, we let opportunity pass before us just because we doesn't care. we have never dream and let alone to think about it.
Well, mencapai apa yg diimpikan is a different story, but as human being you always have the option. For me, i have lot a plan ahead which really makes my life exciting. let the year started and i wish to all my friend- Have something to look forward to. Good Luck!!