7:55 AM | Author: matgeo
Hoho..operation x start lg..hari ni pi jalan2 lg..
nak abih dah ramadhan, mari kita bnyk2 kan amalan.
The life of a traveller
5:14 PM | Author: matgeo
Some people say, if you want to know yourself, be a traveller. And if you want to know someone, travel with him.I agree.
Life in this unpredictable surrounding offers much fun,mystery, joy and sometimes pain.
Well, if you are 'learn by mistake' type of person, i recommended travelling for you.

Dont wait until you be like him to think about trave

Born as a living creature.. living as a puppet.

There's too many wonderful things out there.Yes, pictures mean a lot, but sometimes it missed the important things

kajang pak malau, kajang berlipat,
kajang hamba sudah pergi,
kalau ada hajat tak dapat,
apa ditunggu pergilah cari
New Life
3:58 PM | Author: matgeo
Thanx 4 still reading this is my last day at work now really challenge me a lot..sometimes i think i have choosen the wrong way by beeing here..i just want to run away from this problem...
But now, i change my mind..i cant run from all this..i suffer a lot, but i gain a lot too

I now realize, life at work is no more same like life at univ..we have responsibilities..of course,these people don't pay us for nothing..furthermore, people search for our mistake..we better watch out our action.

There is one thing for's time for a change..
It's time to better utilize the resource i have..

Enough of to take some action!